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Follow your fingers and change the mind.

Our enterprise mobile application developers have built and delivered complex applications globally. We are very much aware of the calibre of mobile application technologies in its sole nature of nurturing markets in these days and age. Mobile application developer’s team at Hardesen are busy in their schedule to make people’s life a bit more comfortable, creative and entertaining through the easy-to-use mobile apps. They continue to improve, develop and evolve new featured apps.

The experience that we gained from our continuous efforts in mobile application development enables us to create highly reliable and amazingly light (Optimized) innovative enterprise apps in major mobile platforms like ios, Android and Windows Mobile. We are highly capable of custom designing the mobile applications as per the customer’s choice, need and suggestions.


Hardesen maintains expert programmers in our team to handle ios app projects. On the every stage of application development, our client has a major role to monitor the workflow and to speak out their findings. Yes, our systematic and organised approach is kept on getting appraisals from our clients. The best quality of Hardesen among other IT companies is that, ‘They focus mainly on the projects but we focus on what the client needs.’ We always build software beyond their expectations, because we build with passion. We have a structured time frame and development plan for our customer’s iphone application idea. We perform a feasibility analysis to measure the technical, operational and economical feasibility of every ios app project before starting the development. We know how ‘apple’ is concerned about the security aspects of the applications which are waiting for their approvals to get lined in the play store. So we carefully optimize the application and add only necessary permissions which may not black list in future for accessing user’s private data.


Google keeps on hitting the software market with their extra ordinary open source operating system ‘Android’. One of the most amazingly built mobile operating system of the century. At Hardesen , we love building android apps , because as a developer , we get so much support form Google and the tech world for the every stuck up points, if any. Beyond that android mobile phones are also in the same page as our India is ‘Unity in diversity.’ Just because there are so much android phones out there with different screen size, pixels, CPU, motherboard and RAMs (Approved by the norms of OHA).

So considering all those facts building an application in android is interesting and challenging. Android is making a big wave in the already crowded smart phone market, and it is fast becoming a vita platform for developers to create innovative mobile apps using the Google Android SDK software stack.At Hardesen our skilled developers utilize the SDK platform to open up the unlimited possibilities through the best development tools and libraries from Google.


When Microsoft introduces windows to the mobile world, changing the face of symbian technology, they made a revolution. It is so powerful. Microsoft opened up the developer support, which makes millions of developers like us to penetrate deep into Windows mobile OS. This mobile OS is also a ‘say-no-to’ type to the corporate world same as Windows Desktop OS do. At Hardesen we have Windows Mobile platform experts to sharp the corporate needs of our clients. Our team manage to maintain rich user experience and simplicity in making Windows mobile phone apps.

Mobile Website Development

According to the latest reports from our R&D department (HRL), five among ten website/application owners fails to manage their websites mobile phone experience ,which made their sales projections down for past few years. So for the website that is in need of a lot of user interaction and more custom built functionality, we recommend building a dedicated mobile web site your future business. Through this approach, Hardesen addresses various mobile specific challenges such as visibility, load time, data entry et to create endless experience for mobile users. Mobile phone is now a part of our life style. Most of the users search on their smart phone web for everything – form food to fashion. If your website deals with product selling, a lot of web forms, user – company interaction etc, building a dedicated mobile website is a right choice for you. We have exceptionally well talented programmers ready to help you. So here is a wakeup call . Use it wisely

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