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Innovating. Stimulating. Jubilant.

Hardesen believes the power of each individual. The power to do more. To formulate more. To subsist more.

We believe in the people who do things faster, better and more efficiently than ever before. Taking the advantage of latest and emerging technology trends, our technical experts develop applications which enables organizations to meet their efficiency at lower development costs. We clearly focus to build systems that specify more than the client’s requirements which should satisfy beyond their expectations

We are a start up company, established in 2015 with Metro Clinic software, simplifying a common clinic dilemma. We are awesome technical people with high passion for creating softwares which can re-invent the software wheel around the country

Our Products

Our flagship products – Metro Clinic, ETS and Personal Diary (freeware) - define our commitment to revolutionize the way people manage their clinic activities, tracking their sales executives and a habbit of keeping personal notes. Our Clinic Management software (Metro Clinic) helps small clinic owners easily and accurately record their daily activities and to moniter them. And working with Sales/Marketing consultency firms, we have become widespread and deep routed service provider for the in-house employee management.

But we expect much more than that. We are looking forward to expand our technical services to almost every sector by near future, with a clear-cut diversification plan pointing in endless customer satisfation and un-interrupted quality service.

Our Growth Strategy

The world is being shaped by social, mobile and global trends. The company established a three-point growth strategy to accelerate Hardesen's growth and developing products, services and cloud as per the needs and requirements of the customers

  • First, to deliver delightful product experience that has been intended for a mobile-first, mobile-only world, and deliver an astonishing first-time user experience.
  • Second, to enable the hand-outs of others by creating network effects platforms, enlisting end users and third-party developers to participate in localizing, configuring and totting up value to our products.
  • And the last but not the least, to use data to create gladness, user friendly products and deliver burst through benefits for our customers.

Our Future

We at Hardesen, offer point to point solutions for uniquely addressing rendezvous with latest cutting-edge technology. Our unique ability is to meet the client requirements beyond their thinking capacity. We help them to augment productivity by ensuring that critical business functions work easier, cheaper, better and fast. Our ability to conceptualize, devise, construct and execute new and extended capabilities allows clients to transform inheritance models to take their business to the upgraded level. We are committed to create new and easier ways for business and consumers to meet their goals. We are open towards the market in delivering our expertise to present a solution for the future business goals of the companies.

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